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EU Season 7 FNCS Preview: Teams, Drop Spots, Predictions & More

The FNCS Grand Finals kick off this weekend, with the best Trios in each region battling for pride, prize money, and the elusive FNCS Champion pickaxe.

Let’s take a closer look at the EU region. Ahead, we’ll cover the competing teams, give our predictions, and let you know how and when to watch the event.

Trios & Drop Spots

As usual, pro teams have been announcing their drop spots on Twitter – a tactical decision that allows other teams to decide whether or not they want to contest.

Contesting teams typically split spots, as we’ll probably see with the two trios landing in Lazy Lake. Steamy Stacks, etc.

Most teams even claim a portion of the POI when they post their drop spot so another team can have the other half.

In rarer cases, we’ll see two teams go at it early-game.

Usually, pro teams avoid this as it almost always lowers both team’s chances of winning the game, even if you win the fight.

While some portions of the map are uncontested, the free loot might not always be worth a distant zone pull.

Time and time again, we see the game winners get lucky with a zone, making the middle of the map more consistent – with heavier traffic.

Epic Games


It’s difficult to pick a winner in any competitive region, which applies to EU. It’s a lot tougher than saying EpikWhale, Arkham, and Rehx will win NA-West, for instance.

Still, it’s hard not to put Tayson, Rezon, and Veno at or near the top of the heap, along with Chapix’s trio and Teeq’s trio.

All three of these trios have been at or near the top of the pack in all recent FNCS events.

Of course, anything is possible. The powerhouse trio of Th0masHD, Flikk, and Anas didn’t even qualify this season. It’s a tough region.

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Schedule, Format & How to Watch

The FNCS finals span two days on September 4th and 5th.

EU will start things off, as usual, with the official broadcast beginning at 7:15 CEST (1:00PM EST).

The braodcast will end around 10:30 PM CEST before moving to NA, which will pick up about a half hour after EU ends.

You can watch the FNCS on Fortnite’s Twitch and YouTube channels. Partnered streamers will also be hosting watch parties on both platforms.

Keep in mind that Epic are offering drops for those who watch on Twitch. To earn drops, you must link your Epic and Twitch accounts together, then watch long enough to earn a random drop.

That’s about it! Who are you rooting for in this season’s FNCS Grand Finals? Let us know on Twitter @JaxonMVP.

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