EU FNCS Grand Royale day 1 results

The Fortnite Grand Royale Finals kicked off today, with the top teams in EU battling it out for the end-of-the-year championship.

Day 1 is only a warm-up for most of these players, as the points double in Day 2 for the first time in FNCS history.

Still, leading the pack by 14 points is Queasy, Anas, and Th0masHD - who are among the favorites to win it all. They did so off the back of two wins, 5.53 kills per game and an extremely high average placement of fifth.


Since the rules change this time around, it's still anyone's game. Tomorrow will be the true test of who can sustain their day 1 success.

We'll keep you posted when Day 2 of the Grand Royale concludes. For now, it's onto NA-East.