Credit: H3H3 Productions

Wow, Ethan, great moves!

Ethan Klein blames ‘white supremacists’ for YouTube suspension

Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions and the H3H3 Podcast has announced on Twitter that his YouTube accounts have been suspended from uploading for a week.

The suspension comes after a joke he made on his podcast, that if there was another Holocaust, “I hope Ben [Shapiro] gets gassed first. Or last.” The context of the joke was a conversation over Kanye West’s recent anti-Semitic comments.

On Twitter, Klein blamed “white supremacists” for mass-reporting his video – which has since been removed from YouTube. He now sits out a one-week suspension from the platform.

Ethan Klein vs Ben Shapiro

Ethan Klein and Ben Shapiro have been going back and forth on Twitter since Klein was suspended. Klein has mentioned Shapiro’s support of Candace Owens, who he also calls an anti-Semite.

This suspension will cause Klein to miss a week of the H3H3 Podcast, although he promised his fans that they won’t miss the Halloween episode.

This likely won’t be the last time that Klein takes jabs at Shapiro, who has been one of his frequent targets of late.

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