Credit: ESL

"Don't wear jerseys"

ESL warns teams: Fears violence in Rio ahead of CSGO Major

Teams attending the upcoming IEM Rio CSGO Major have been advised to take extra precautions leading up to the event, Jaxon has learned.

Players and staff are advised to avoid public gatherings and stay on hotel premises on the day of the national elections in Brazil today, October 30th.

The second round of the Brazilian elections, between incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro and former head of state Lula, has raised tensions in Brazil.

Teams attending the Major have been given special recommendations regarding this date.

In a briefing shared with team members, ESL advised them to stay on the hotel and media day premises and to avoid public gatherings. Teams are furthermore advised to stay discrete when in public, not wear jerseys, and avoid escalating potentially dangerous situations.

Screenshot from an ESL presentation to CSGO teams

ESL declined to comment on the situation, stating they don’t want to address security protocols publically. They did, however, say that they “prioritize the safety of the players, fans, staff, and partners on-site at all our events and are invested in having the proper safety and security measures in place at all times.”

The IEM Rio CSGO Major is set to start tomorrow, October 31st.

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