Fresh of a shocking G2 elimination, the ESL Pro League continues with Group C. Looking at name value, this group is the most stacked of them all. But have these names faded into oblivion, or will we see them rise to the occasion?

Natus Vincere

Photo: ESL

I’m calling it now: Na’Vi is topping this group. They are currently the best team in the world, and the opposition in Group C is not on the same level. However, that does not mean Na’Vi will have a flawless record. They have a reputation of being slow starters, often losing the first series of a tournament. Could a loss to Fnatic in the opening round turn into Group C being a competitive affair?


Photo: ESL

Mousesports’ lineup is slowly but surely reaching the peak of what it can achieve. They struggled at the end of last season, but their absurdly busy schedule played a huge part in that. After a well-deserved player break, they now have their sights on the EPL trophy. Although you can’t call them favorites, Mouz has to be considered a serious outsider for the event.

FaZe Clan

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Which version of FaZe will enter the server in the upcoming week? Will we see the revitalized FaZe of IEM Cologne or the lackluster FaZe that floundered during the months leading up to Cologne? Let’s hope for their sake it’s the former. The roster is undoubtedly one of the most talented in the scene but has now struggled too long to adapt to online play.


Photo: DreamHack

A return to having German as their main language at the cost of losing the raw mechanical skills of XANTARES. BIG took quite a gamble last summer, and only time will tell if it pays off. But EPL will be too early for this roster to shine. How far BIG can go is a mystery, but surviving the group stage would be a surprise.

Evil Geniuses

Photo: ESL

EG could have actually been a contender for a spot in the playoffs. But with Stanislaw taking an extended break and coach daps replacing him on short notice, expectations need to be tempered. While daps competed in VALORANT not too long ago, it’s unlikely his performances will be up to par with the other teams in the group.


Photo: ESL | Helena Kristiansson

Expectations are low for this newly created Fnatic lineup. With the addition of a British enclave, the organization moved away from its historical Swedish roots. A drastic move, that needs time to come to fruition. But in the past, Fnatic has shown that they can deliver strong results soon after making roster moves.

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