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The second day of the ESL Pro League is in the books, and the race for a spot in the playoffs is wide open in Group A.

NIP managed to grab the lead with a victory over Entropiq. G2 on the other hand was surprisingly beaten by MOUZ.

MOUZ catch G2 off guard

G2 might face more difficulty surviving Group A than anticipated. Despite playing with a stand-in, the finalists at IEM Katowice were expected to make it to the playoffs with relative ease.

But against MOUZ, arguably their biggest challengers in the group, G2 fell flat.

Their performance was pernosified by temporary in-game leader Nikola “Niko” Kovac. The Bosnian superstar ended the first map with 11 assists, struggling to get the needed frags on the board.

MOUZ on the other hand bounced back from their Entropiq loss yesterday, and are back in the race for the top-3.

NIP take option on group win

NIP’s match against Entropiq would have given the winner a serious option on making it out of the group stage. But thanks to G2’s loss against MOUZ, the Ninjas are now favored to top the group.

Entropiq struggled to put up much of a fight, as they lacked some of the cool they had shown yesterday.

A lack of coordination on their CT sides led to a comfortable 2-0 victory for NIP.

Fnatic silence LFO hope

Closing out the day, Fnatic managed to secure their first victory of this season. The team, playing with no less than three stand-ins beat Looking For Org 2-1.

But it wasn’t all bad for the Aussies, as they managed to take Dust II and their first map win of the event.

Fun detail: As LFO’s coach wasn’t able to attend the game, James “SaVage” Savage’s father stood behind them on stage, despite not knowing a single thing about CS:GO.

Group A

Team W L
Ninjas in Pyjamas 2 0
G2 Esports 1 1
MOUZ 1 1
Entropiq 1 1
Fnatic 1 1
Looking For Org 0 2

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