Credit: ESIC

ESIC bans three coaches from attending PGL Antwerp Major

Just a couple of days before the start of the PGL Antwerp Major, the Esports Integrity Commission announced that it will provisionally ban three coaches who were set to attend the event.

ESIC made the announcement as part of its investigation into the use of the spectator bug. The bans are provisionally and will be followed upon.

 ESIC also announced that it had found an additional 47 cases of the static spectator bug, for which it had previously suspended 37 coaches.

ESIC will be differentiating between the static and both the free-roam and variant of the bug in its punishment, with the latter being deemed a far more serious offense.

A third variation of the bug, where coaches are locked in third person view on one of their players, sees another 40 cases. However, ESIC has indicated it will be more forgiving in its ruling since this variant of the bug was mostly triggered accidentally.

In April, Jaxon reported that Imperial's Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu was one of the coaches being investigated for using the free-roam bug.