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Finally, new updates

Escape from Tarkov: the wipe is coming

Speculation has hit Escape from Tarkov, as the developers have released a trailer revealing a new wipe and scavenger boss on the Lighthouse.

Battlestate Games, the Tarkov developers, usually release a teaser trailer a month before a big update; thankfully, this trailer has confirmed we are on track for a Christmas wipe as usual.


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Battlestate Games

The next Escape from Tarkov wipe – updates and news

An Escape from Tarkov wipe occurs typically every five to seven months, the most recent wipe being on the 28th of June, 2022.

Various sources predict Battlestate Games will release the wipe by the 28th of December. There is no way they will leave us hanging until the end of Christmas break. With the prior two years having a wipe on the 24th of December 2020 and the 12th of December 2021, it is to expect history to repeat itself.

We can expect the following content this coming wipe:

  • New Lighthouse scav boss
  • Several weapons, including a new AUG
  • Possible access into new map Streets of Tarkov
  • Major bug fix: Sound issues

The new scav boss will feature on the map Lighthouse, specifically on the most recent map expansion on the Island where the Lighthouse is located. As seen, this Scav boss obtains a ghillie suit and sniper rifle, attempting to prevent you from reaching the lighthouse region of the map, similar to the Woods boss known as Shturman.

Explosive new content will have fans queuing up in the game’s client over Christmas. If anyone knows how to excite their players, it’s the Battlestate Games developers.

Battlestate Games

Potential downsides – false promises

Double-dealing, deception, and lies are all things Battlestate Games are greatly known for with their cryptic marketing and their use of deceit. Battlestate Games are known for exciting their players and not delivering due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

Extreme pressure appliances from the Escape from Tarkov fans will eventually force the developers to give the players what they want and deserve, especially after releasing trailers for content that hasn’t been released years after.

A famous example is Streets of Tarkov. The trailer for the map’s release hit YouTube on the 13th of June, 2020, two and a half years ago, and still hasn’t been released.

One leading player focus is sound fixes; no tactical FPS should contain broken sound features. Bugs such as broken sound destroy players’ immersion and enjoyability, as they will lose hours of progress to an in-game issue.