Credit: Epic Games

Epic would be absolute buffoons to remove No Build from Fortnite

Earlier this week, I had the take that No-Build mode was for bad Fortnite players, but it’s still incredibly fun to play.

I still maintain that this is true, but I’ve fallen even more in love with the mode the more I’ve played it.

Even as a certified Fortnite sweat, I may never want to build in Fortnite again. In fact, I’m all the way down for a no-build FNCS, at this point.

Everyone is coming back to the game – which is great from a content perspective but even better from a gaming perspective.

Ya, people like NickMercs, TimTheTatMan, and Tfue are jumping back into Fortnite, but so are all of my friends.

Finally, I have people to play with again. I can fill out a squad of my actual friends – not just literal children I’ve met playing video games.


We’ve seen some leaks that Epic are planning to bring No-Build to Fortnite permanently, which is the only move.

This experiment has proven that not only can Fortnite be balanced without building, but it’s actually a lot more fun.

Hopefully, Epic take this side of the game more seriously, remove some of the OP vehicles that are tough to counter without builds, and eventually bring a competitive no-build playlist to the game.

It truly feels like a brand-new game right now, and I’m obsessed. 

I’ve been covering Fortnite for the better part of four years. This is the first time in about 2 years that playing the game hasn’t felt like work.