fortnite zero build arena
Credit: Epic Games

  • Epic Games have announced Zero Build Arena for the first time.
  • This will be a limited-time mode. If enough players participate, it could become permanent.
  • You can earn cosmetic rewards from rising the ranks in Zero Build Arena.

Zero Build has been an absolute gold mine for Fortnite since its release. It brought millions of players back to Fortnite for the first time in years – showing that high-skilled builders were the biggest thing keeping them away.

The new mode is now Fortnite’s most popular way to play. Hardcore players are still grinding normal Fortnite, while casuals can have more fun with a general battle royale mode.

Not so fast, though. Competitive is coming to Zero Build! In a recent blog post, Epic announced the release of Zero Build Arena.

Fortnite Arena Mode comes to Zero Build
Epic Games

The loot pool will have the same items as the core Zero Build mode – which is a departure from typical Arena play.

Since this is an LTM and not a permanent mode, Epic are rewarding players with cosmetics for reaching certain ranks.

400 Hype points will grant you the Drippy Draft spray. Reaching Contender and Champion league will garner new emoticons.

This is, almost certainly, a trial run for a permanent Zero Build Arena mode. This version of Fortnite has gotten so much attention that players have been asking for a competitive no-build mode for a while.

We’ll have to see if the LTM gets enough players for Epic to make a permanent Arena Mode for Zero Build. Of course, we’ll keep you posted if we hear more.