Entropiq’s signing of mir could be the move of the roster season

Do not underestimate this move.

Entropiq were a very, very dangerous team; and what they lacked in firepower they made up for in teamplay, understanding and mental fortitude.

And they weren't *really* lacking in firepower that much.

The superstar-less gain a superstar

Entropiq were somewhat known as a swiss army knife team, rather than a superstar-led team. They didn't have some ropz/s1mple level player who their whole team was built around, who would win the rounds on his own; they were made to work as a five of relatively even-ability players.

Yeah, Forester was nominally the best rifler and El1an was one of those CIS AWPers - you know, one of the endless bundle - that's just really cracked. For no reason. If you're from that region and you AWP, you're just the best player in the world.

But this was generally a well-balanced team that seemed to lack an X-factor to truly make them elite.

Enter, mir.

mir is a genuine superstar.

He might have been cheated out of his HLTV top 20 despite averaging a 1.17 rating on a team that struggled making playoffs at big events, but he is still at his peak a top 20 player. And honestly, he could be higher.

There are rumours about him being tough to work with - and Spirit's rise since moving away from him as their star gives some credence to that theory - but hooch and co. have consistently built good teams with the pieces they've been given, and now they have a superstar one.

They wouldn't have signed him if they didn't think they could use him in their system.

Entropiq are about to laugh at G2, again.

mir is a deadly player - his combination of innate timing and pixel-perfect first bullet accuracy make him deadly at opening up rounds in straight duels or closing them down with devastating flanks. 

He was instrumental in the rise of both Vega Squadron and Team Spirit as threats to tier one teams, and now joins a team on the brink of being more than that.

When you look at the tier one teams right now, so many of them have massive gaping holes. G2 are packed with talent, but are structurally unsound, while Astralis are the opposite. Entropiq now can be somewhere in the middle; a team who play solid, fundamental CS with a double rifle barrage of Forester and mir. 

The perennial dark horses might have just become Red Rum.