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Team Liquid eliminates Entity at TI11 in the lower bracket

Team Liquid eliminates Entity from TI11 on day three of the main event in a clean 2-1 series win and secures the top eight at the crown jewel Dota 2 event.

Following the defeat, Entity is the second team to be eliminated on the third day, after OG knocked out Gaimin Gladiators from TI11 in the first series of the day.

Game one was an absolute stomp with Team Liquid dominating Entity throughout the game. The former heavily punished the latter’s greedy draft by opting for a draft based on aggression and building momentum.

Michael “Micke” Vu and Lasse “Matumbaman” Urpalainen were exemplary on Leshrac and Lifestealer, respectively, and didn’t give Entity any room to breathe, aptly punishing them for drafting a greedy line-up in the first game of the elimination series at TI11.

Another bright moment in the first game was Samuel “Boxi” Svahn’s Spirit Breaker, position 4 for Team Liquid, killing the position 1 of Entity, Pure, by activating Black King Bar (BKB) in the middle of a Naga Siren ultimate.

It was over right from the beginning for Entity as Team Liquid won with ease.

The second game saw different drafts from both teams.

Team Liquid opted for a carry Pudge on Matumbaman and Enigma on Zai, whereas Entity opted for a semi-aggressive draft with Leshrac and Sniper.

Team Liquid TI11
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Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko had a disastrous start on Sniper at the beginning of the game, being killed multiple times, but Daniel “Stormstormer” Schoetzau was holding the fort for Entity on Leshrac.

Slow and steady, Pure found the farm on Sniper, giving some relief to Entity as they slowly began to mount their lead.

In the end, Team Liquid’s AoE-based line-up fell weak against Entity’s single target draft as the former melted away to oblivion and lost game two, thus taking the series to the decider.

The third game was the most competitive of all with a surprise Broodmother pick on Entity’s side. At 45 minutes, the game was slightly in Team Liquid’s favour by a minimal 5k gold lead, with the game looking to be up for grabs by either team.

Despite a Broodmother pick, Entity was down with one side of mega creeps, which put the team in a pickle. However, two minutes later, a clutch Blackhole by Zai on Enigma, resulted in a dieback on Pure’s Pudge that turned the game in Liquid’s favour.

Thus, Liquid survives to live another day and proceeds to the next round to face OG for yet another eliminator.

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Team Liquid will face in a European clash against OG in the next round of the TI11 lower bracket. Which team will reign supreme?

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