Ence has secured a spot in the Legends stage at the PGL Stockholm Major with a 2-1 victory against BIG.

BIG won their map pick of Dust II thanks to an almost flawless run on the CT side. The first half was relatively balanced, but when the German squad moved to the defense, the Germans showed why they opted into the map.

Ence bounced back on Mirage, with Polish rifler dycha having a stellar performance. His 27 kills were essential to secure a 16-8 victory. He finished the map with a 1.67 HLTV rating.

ENCE got an early lead on Nuke and quickly reached a 14-6 score. But nerves got the better of the squad, as they gave BIG the chance to come back. ENCE took several timeouts, as saw tried to calm his men down. The talks seemed to help, as ENCE recovered and closed out the map 16-10.

Movistar send Tyloo home

In the first elimination match of the day, Movistar Riders send home Asian representatives Tyloo. The Spaniards keep their dream of reaching the Legends stage alive, as they will play a decider tomorrow.

Despite being eliminated, Tyloo can look back on a positive result, as the team showed that they can square up against the best Europe has to offer. We will see them return for IEM Katowice.

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