Things are heating up in the NA RMR with one spot remaning, and the six teams cut to three.

Evil Geniuses won the marquee match-up of the day over Party Astronauts despite a fantastic performance from the underdogs on Mirage.

That means that Stewie and co. will face off against 9z tomorrow, and then potentially paiN after, to make it to the Major.

One from the top, two from the bottom

EG become the only North American team left after Brazilians paiN taught Case a lesson and 9z bodied Sao Caetano.

9z could become the only non-NA or Brazilian team to make it from the qualifier, and look pretty likely to do so given today’s performance.

Uruguayan dgt slapped Sao Caetano around and his fellow countryman max had no issues contributing to their downfall.

For paiN, it’s nice to see them still being a dangerous roster without saffee, as new boy nython has been pretty impressive – though he was not needed to get the better of Case.

The final match of the day was the all-NA one, and it was a vintage Brehze performance – finally. The former top 10 player clapped some cheeks and ended some parties on all three maps to keep EG in it.

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