What's the point?

EG signing a European IGL is a great idea – but why did they sign 10 other players?

HooXi sounds like a fantastic addition to Evil Geniuses. nealaN too, though I’d be somewhat less enthused.

valde is a very versatile player who is somewhat overqualified to do the roles he’d probably end up in at EG, but would be a significant upgrade on RUSH.

If you’re unsure what i’m talking about, the news story is here.

But it begs just one question.

Why the f**k did you sign two entire other squads?

The “Blueprint”

I think we can all agree that the Blueprint is the coolest project name in esports.

The actual project itself, however, is baffling. The original notion people had was that it would be something of a pipeline to the main team, a way for EG to test and try out new NA talent in the main team.

That might still happen – after all, Brehze and CeRq’s contracts are out soon. So… why not experiment now?

Brehze and CeRq have been disappointing for about three years now, and as good an IGL as HooXi seems to be, that’s not going to change. It requires a mystifying level of delusion to believe CeRq can be great.

You might as well *try* one of the ten players you signed, instead of spending more money on this half-baked roster.

Stewie2k was a bad IGL, but he’s also not the only problem with that team.

The problem, or a symptom?

A large part of the problem is the sheer amount of money you’ve already wasted on this project, and pouring more into it is pure sunk cost fallacy.

What’s the long term plan? Will valde and HooXi head up a new NA superteam? Is the “Blueprint” merely an excuse to hoard talent and play in more events? Are you planning on eventually having a full Danish team, with two NA teams backing it up?

It’s all so bizarre.

If the plan for Carpe Diem wasn’t to bring them into the main fold when things went badly, what’s the point?

Signing valde and HooXi won’t be cheap – it won’t be the most expensive double transfer we’ve ever seen, but it’s going to cost some money – and you have, again, ten other players you can try out.

If none of them are good enough, why did you bother?

HooXi makes some sense, at least. There’s no good IGLs in NA any more (any more KEKW etc) and he can pass on knowledge and improve the NA talent you have.

But valde, if true, makes no sense. He is a player in his peak years who wants to win now, and there’s no chance of that. You can find other star players, other role players in NA. valde is an upgrade on what you have, but if the plan was to upgrade the team with Europeans…

Then again, why on Earth did you sign 10 NA players?

These decisions just bring up more questions than they answer; and show that maybe EG don’t have a clue what they’re doing in CSGO – despite clearly being able to conduct themselves in other esports.