EG might just be the best Western team by the end of the year

Look, I know I said that Team Liquid might have the best team in the West, and honestly, they probably do. Their botlane is cracked beyond belief, they've got Bjerg and Bwipo in solo lanes and a great facilitating jungler.

But, Evil Geniuses won't be far behind, and certainly by the end of the year could overtake them - this roster is not to be underestimated. 

The best jungler in the West

Inspired is, obviously, a sensational player, and though it was only against Iconic tonight, the fact that he's jungle chasm-ing players so quickly is encouraging. He's not going to get NA'd, at least not yet.

While Liquid have the best laners in the West, their jungler can be exploited by a more aggressive, selfish jungler like Inspired; not that Inspired is selfish, as such, but he knows how to be efficient as such open up farm and experience leads on the more team-oriented junglers.

Inspired, however, is a decoy. Evil Geniuses picked up one of the best junglers in the world, and slotted him into a team with two very young players; which to some, looks like a massive risk. But if you've seen Danny play, you'll know that he's absolute mustard.

Jojopyun is quickly forging a name for himself as an exciting midlaner, and having Inspired as his jungler is only going to make his progression quicker and smoother. Impact, well, we all know what he can do, and Vulcan was a million dollar support not too long ago.

Inspired can run the LCS in his sleep.

LEC has regressed and currently has probably two great botlanes, and Danny/Vulcan can match pretty much anyone outside of Upset/Hylissang - while Inspired can easily run over Razork on current performance. Humanoid right now would school Jojo, no contest, but by the end of the year when this kid has had some experience, I think he can do something.

fnatic and Liquid are probably the only two teams who, right now, look better than EG. And with Peter Dun, EG have the best coach to teach their young players how to improve, so they have serious potential.

Don't get me wrong - they're not amazing yet. But in one year's time, I think we'll see something different.