EG fall to Immortals in LCS week three

Despite a controversial Chronobreak, Immortals overcame a lacklustre Evil Geniuses team whose mediocre start to the split continues.

Though they signed the MVP of the LEC, Inspired has struggled to have massive impact in general - though this game was hardly on him. Multiple blunders lead to Immortals getting back into and ahead, and the Chronobreak only made them dwell on an error of having two players bot with Baron up in the first place.

Oh, and Revenge fulfilled his name when the game went live again as he outplayed the 1v2.

Best of the rest

FlyQuest overcame 100 Thieves in a drawn out game - which only saw Toucouille's Veigar become even more monstrously strong than it ever deserved to be. 

100T picked their standard comp with all their favourites, but saw FQ's slightly weirder Tryndamere Veigar Hecarim top side run all over them; almost literally in the case of Josedeodo's horse.

CoreJJ's Tahm Kench waltzed onto the rift and did whatever it wanted against CLG as he and Hans showed why they are the duo to fear right now. Liquid did as Liquid does, taking it slow and strangling their opposition - even if Jenkins became a real side lane threat on the Camille, it always felt as if Liquid would win.

Cloud9 - in the absence of LS - picked Karthus Senna bot lane to late pick Blaber Nocturne. Karthus ended up being a solid pick, but perhaps not the reason you're expecting.

As Huni decided to try the Karma roaming top once more, C9 found their botlane dead over and over again - but like TheBaus' Sion, Karthus revives, takes the farm and goes to shop. 

It also might not be a good idea to leave Summit's Camille to free-farm top, in future. Who could have guessed? He splitpushed as TSM fought for Elder, drew the rotation and TP'd in to end the fight, and C9 won a scrappy game.

Golden Guardians stomped Dignitas into the ground as we saw the Hecarim Veigar combo once more - though GGS did their best to lose the game from an unloseable position, they closed it out; albeit slower than optimally.