EG engage in a thrilling series against OG

Two storylines converging in the midst of former best friends turned foes, Evil Geniuses vs OG Esports, is perhaps the most interesting match-up that’ll remain etched in our hearts and minds for time to come.

Day 3 of TI10 groupstage kicked off with a bang with OG making quick work of EG in game one, keeping the affair short and sweet.

EG had no answer to the aggression OG brought especially with Topson on Hoodwink and Saksa performing extremely well on Elder Titan by getting the Aghanim's Sceptre and literally wrecking havoc.

Meanwhile, Sumail did his own thing and kept slicing any EG member that crossed his path with his blade. As for Notail, he just kept on doing what he knows best; tipping!

Game two saw both teams opting for different line-ups. EG went for a semi-late-game draft revolving around taking early objectives while OG went for the Topson - Gyrocopter, Ceb - IO and Sumail - Faceless Void.

It was clear that OG wanted to catch EG off guard with their draft. Game Two began with both teams being on par in terms of xp and gold, and there was no clear indication as to which way the game would go.

At a crucial juncture, EG got the better of OG at 27 minutes that saw them take a decent 7k lead. and with few skirmishes and hiccups thereafter, it seemed as if EG was eventually going to close out the series but OG made few clutch fights go in their favour.

Overall it was a confusing series but EG somehow coped up with OG’s onslaught and recovered themselves in time to win the second game and thus tie the series.