Earthquakes better have something to do with the lore

Fortnite was a lore-less BR for the first few seasons of the game's life - until the rocket launch.

Since then, we've learned that the lore of the universe goes deeper than the island, itself. In fact, the lore has become so convoluted over the years that it's hard to keep track.

I used to be on top of the Fortnite lore - the loop, The Seven, the simulation, all of that stuff. Now, it seems like there are too many moving parts and red herrings to truly understand what's actually going on.

For instance, what do Marvel, DC, and other IPs have to do with Fortnite? Are they only crossovers or do they serve a purpose outside of their designated seasons? I truly don't know, anymore.

Epic Games

The crossovers are cool - don't get me wrong - but they serve to complicate an already complicated lore environment.

This brings me to Chapter 3 Season 1 and the new content. Epic have added a bunch of new stuff to the game. Some of these additions are purely game mechanics but others deserve deeper explanations.

Namely, the environmental changes. The tornadoes should have a lore explanation, but the new earthquakes need to have one.

At this point, I'm just worried that we'll move onto Season 2 and never talk about them again. Epic have added so many red herrings and false flags over the years, it's impossible to tell whether something will be important to the lore or not - especially this early in the chapter.

The first season of Chapter 2 did almost nothing to further the plot. We didn't even have an event to end the season.

There are some indications that these earthquakes will have a lore explanation. The Foundation looks to be cracking more than it originally was, for instance - and we're only in the first stage of earthquakes at the time of writing.

The most interesting theory that could relate to the earthquakes involves the monster from Chapter 1.

There are some hints that the IO is holding onto the monster and will soon unleash it on the island.

I'm just hoping that this isn't another pipe dream that leads to disappointment.

Also, the earthquakes are pretty fkn annoying. If they don't have a lore explanation, we riot.