EA shuts down servers for Mirror’s Edge, 3 more titles

Electronic Arts (EA) has begun the process of shutting down servers for some of its legacy games.

The four latest titles added to the list are NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, Gatling Gears, Shank 2, and the iconic and hugely popular Mirror’s Edge, all of which will no longer be available to play online after January 23.

EA shuts down servers

What happens when EA closes the online servers for these games?

The discontinuation of these servers will have two major impacts. Firstly, games that support online multiplayer mode, or offer any kind of online services really will be affected. For instance, Mirror’s Edge players won’t lose access to online multiplayer modes, but the online leaderboards will lose functionality.

Next, online achievements will no longer be supported. NBA Jam has two that will be affected by server closure. The first is the Arena achievements – the Arena Noob achievement for earning one Arena Medal, and the Arena Vet achievement for earning ten total Arena Medals.

The other is the Razzle Dazzle achievement, which requires you to sink five shots as a team. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition has been delisted as well, and the physical copy is no longer available either. On the plus side, there are no achievements that will be affected in Gatling Gears, Mirror’s Edge, and Shank 2, so you should be able to unlock them even after the shutdowns.


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Online support for other titles to be discontinued in 2022

While there are a few months available to play these titles, there are others that are not so lucky and whose online services will be terminated over the course of the year.

The 40th Day Army and The Devil’s Cartel titles from the Army of Two series, and the Dragon Age: Origins servers will be discontinued from today, October 20, while the three titles from the Command & Conquer series – Red Alert 3, Tiberium Wars, and Kane’s Wrath will head for the chopping block next month.

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames and Onrush won’t be available online after November either.