EA and FIFA parting ways is perfect news for future sports games

For years, EA sports games have represented everything wrong with gaming.

What used to be a fun, innovative niche has now evolved into the most lazy, low-effort space in gaming. Sports gamers are the one group that appear to be content to buy the same game every year, spend up on microtransactions, and keep asking for more.

Hockey, NFL football, and football (soccer for the Americans) have been held hostage by EA Sports – one of the most deplorable developers on the planet – for decades.

Now, it looks like the first domino has fallen. EA and FIFA have parted ways.

EA Sports

There’s no indication of the reason behind this split, which leads me to think that it’s financial. EA already said that they plan to continue with their series, so we have to assume that they’ll be able to license the teams and players from FIFA.

FIFA, for their part, ensured fans that they’d be moving to a different developer to continue the FIFA franchise. I can only assume that this will be the game to buy.

Madden and NHL? They’re a bit of a different story. EA has EXCLUSIVE rights to NHL and NFL teams and players, meaning no other studios can make a direct competitor. 

Hopefully, the disdain for these lazy re-releases with updated lineups continue to stink and sales start to plummet. If sports gamers finally get fed up, the NFL and NHL may realize that EA is damaging their brands, not helping them.

It’s all on you, sports gamers. Enough is enough. There’s a crack in the door. Bust that shit open.

Jimmy Russo is a writer and editor for covering a variety of games and topics. He specializes in first-person shooters including Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Valorant, while also covering livestreaming news on Twitch and other aspects of the gaming industry.