dying light blood summer
Credit: Credit: Techland

Get chopping

Dying Light 2’s Bloody Summer event kicks off today

  • Dying Light 2’s latest event is underway
  • Players can earn extra goodies by chopping off limbs
  • More events are planned for the summer

Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s Bloody Summer event is now underway and will stick around until July 7th, giving you a week to snag everything it has to offer.

The event is available for free and focuses on covering the City in as many guts as possible. Throughout Bloody Summer, the chance of lopping off limbs and cutting enemies in half will significantly increase.

But that’s not all. Some of the rules from Hypermode will apply, meaning you can expect ludicrous ragdolls. It looks like a fun time, judging by the trailer.

Dying Light 2: Bloody Summer rewards

It’s not all mindless violence. There is a purpose to all this additional limb dismembering. Believe it or not.

Lopping off one limb will net you a Harper Token while slicing off 300 will add the Cutting Edge axe to your collection. Finally, if the game’s community collectively chops off three million limbs before the event concludes, everyone will receive the Nightrunner Outfit.

Dying Light 2’s Bloody Summer event is pretty straightforward, then. Simply head out into the City and pulverize anything that moves to earn some extra goodies.

According to Techland, Bloody Summer is merely the first of many planned events for this summer. So, expect more details on what’s to come soon.