Hope you didn’t enjoy throwing cleavers – we’re throwing bonesaws now.

Dr. Mundo has got a facelift, but not the kind you’d get from a doctor like himself. He’s looking like a hunk – a big, purple, infected hunk with massive delusions who kills people, but a hunk nonetheless.

Mundo goes where he pleases

If you were a fan of the old Mundo, you’ll probably be alright with the new one. It’s more Pantheon rework than Aatrox, for sure. 

His passive is now more than one line, which is either exciting or sad, depending on your perspective. It’s essentially similar to Zac’s, where he can pick up a ‘canister’ that drops when he would get CC’d. He loses health when he drops it, but gains some back when he picks it up.

His Q is completely different. Instead of throwing an infected cleaver that does current health damage and slows, he now throws an infected bonesaw that does current health damage and slows. Crazy.

Pyromaniacs won’t like the W change, though – he now electrocutes himself, zapping stuff around him and storing damage he takes as grey health, that can be regenned if he hits enemies with the ‘burst’ at the end of the W.

Seems like a lovely guy.

Once again, his E hasn’t changed loads, but it’s modernised slightly. Mundo hits ‘em with a bag, and if they die, it hits enemies behind it in a line. His ultimate just… seems like a better version of his old one. He instantly heals, then heals over a duration of a percent of his maximum health. 

We’ll need to see the numbers before we can give a complete take, but Dr. Mundo can finally go where he pleases – and that is 2021 League of Legends.

Corporate Mundo is the American dream.

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