Credit: Dr Disrespect

The real warzone

Dr Disrespect reveals why he was banned from CoD sponsorship

Call of Duty just held one of the biggest events in recent history. COD Next was the live showcase that showed off Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0.

Over 200 of the industry’s most well-known streamers and gamers attended the event. People you’ve probably never heard of showed up to play Call of Duty.

Heck even the Fortnite guy made an appearance.


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However, there were a few notable omissions from the guest list. Call of Duty League Champions, LA Thieves, din’t even receive an invite.

I guess winning a chip doesn’t do much for ya in Activision’s eyes huh?

Along with that, a certain Two-Time, mustached, competitor didn’t make an appearance either. At an event where TimTheTatman and a few of the Two-Time’s friends attended, Dr Disrespect could only watch from home.

However, there’s a “reasoning” behind it. The Doc’s war with CoD goes way past this event, and he offered an insight why on stream.

Dr Disrespect vs CoD

According to Activision themselves, the reason why the Doc and CoD have cut ties is due to one reason.


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Besides the weak excuse, he goes on to point the flaws of said reasoning. Many of the folks invited to the event have pointed hefty criticism to the game.

Many of the folks under the CoD umbrella have hurled plenty of criticism to the games.

For the uninitiated before the Doc became the Doc, he used to work on Call of Duty. He was a part of the Advanced Warfare multiplayer team and helped create a ton of maps for the title.

His criticism, if harsh, has come from a valid point. Any gamer can say CoD isn’t good.

However, when you’ve had someone whom was previously on your team criticize the game, it comes from a place of passion. The Doc has been known to criticize games, but it’s from a valid point of view.


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Regardless of what you think, I’d take a criticism from the Doc in regards to my game versus a random Joe. However, this isn’t how the industry works.

For now, the Two-Time will just have to settle for playing the game and focusing on his own project.