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DPC WEU Regional Finals: Weaver-ish Liquid dissolve feverish OG

The first DPC WEU Regional Finals series between Team Liquid and OG Esports was both; joyful and painful experience.

Joyful for Liquid, painful for OG.

Game one appeared to be even draft-wise with the desk analysts praising OG’s draft on par with Team Liquid.

The first 5 minutes was the only time where everything seemed to be going well for OG.

Then came the onslaught of the thunderous Liquid.

The MVP, however, was Boxxi’s Weaver. He wreaked havoc on OG during the early game, and with a quick Spirit Vessel pick-up, all hopes started to wane for OG.

OG seemed like a hapless kid on the block. They kept getting picked off one-by-one by and subsequently fed until Team Liquid were confident enough to steamroll.

A rude awakening for a disconnected team, OG surrendered and Liquid won the first game in under 30 minutes.

Game two was a similar show of joy for Team Liquid, and pain for OG.

Micke’s Ultra Kill on Queen of Pain under the tier 2 tower at 16 minutes and a Beyond Godlike streak near the 26th minute was a stellar display of beautiful dominance.

Zai’s exemplary plays on Legion Commander, constantly charging at OG’s backline and having a Beyond Godlike streak near 30 minutes was a treat to witness.

27k gold deficit and two megas in 32 minutes, and OG started falling like dominoes.

ATF's inconsistent plays during the series was a concerning factor with many clutch ultimate misses.

Bzm got outplayed by a smart and more powerful Micke at the mid lane.

It was over before it even started.

Liquid had won the series way back psychologically. They now proceed to the upper bracket finals whilst OG has one more chance in the lower bracket.

OG fans, you can always watch Taiga's interview conducted by yours truly below.


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