Credit: DreamLeague

DPC WEU Regional Finals: Gaimin Gladiators upset Team Liquid in the grand finals

In an ultimate show of sheer dominance, Gaimin Gladitors upset Team Liquid at the DPC WEU Regional Finals, and cement themselves as the best team in Western Europe.

After being sent to the lower bracket by TL in the upper bracket finals, GG went into another gear in their lower bracket run.

Firstly, they demolished OG in an extremely one sided series, and proceeded to the grand finals to meet their nemesis; Liquid.

GG overcame their demons, and swiftly secured victory over TL in the best-of-five-series with 3-1 score.

GG's approach on the final day left TL searching for answers and questioning their dismal play, after a dominant season one.

GG walk away with $50,000 and 250 DPC points while TL settle for $25,000 and 130 DPC points.