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First Son of Heaven, Mars, rules DPC WEU 2021-22 Week 1

Week 1 of DPC Western Europe 2021-2022 has concluded with few teams off to a good start, and the remaining sulking with their poor start to the season.

The new season has featured some exciting match-ups with new heroes being picked. Let’s take a look at the top 3 popular heroes in Week 1.


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Mars, the First Son of Heaven, true to its name tops the chart in the most popular hero category. With an astonishing pick rate of 60% alongside a win-rate of 50%, the bulwark has been a staple and the go-to pick for the teams primarily owing to his passive-aggressive and tanky nature.

A perfect fit for an offlaner, he’s not only a defensive shield standing like a wall before his team but also a sustainable frontliner that can go aggressive and engage in a teamfight with ease. It’s difficult to penetrate through his sustain and with apt item choices, he can turn the tide of any game single handedly.


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The benevolent granny along with her dragon toad is spewing lot of fire during Week 1 of the DPC WEU 2021-22. Inherently played as a position 4/5, Snapfire has been making considerable stride in competitive games. The charismatic granny is a perferred pick due to two simple reasons; her ability to dish out massive AoE damage with Mortimer’s kisses, and the capability to burst down quirky supports with her rapid fire skillsets.

Stun, firepower, AoE ultimate, slowing down enemies and the prowess to save her allies when in dire need is the reason she’s the second most popular pick with a 50% pick rate and an even more impressive 60% win-rate.

Shadow Fiend

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The third most popular hero albeit a completely unexpected one is Nevermore. It has been quite a few months (?) since we last saw Shadow Fiend in action. The scary fiend has emerged from the shadows and striked right into the heart during Week 1 of the DPC WEU 2021-22.

Players have also opted for a slightly different playstyle on this hero by not going the traditional soul-shadowraze skill build, but rather going for negative armour skill accompanied with damage build. Although SF’s pick rate stands only at 45%, his win-rate, on the other hand, is astonishingly high at 75%.

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