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Doublelift calls TSM CEO a ‘terrible person’ over ‘self reliant’ probe

Doublelift publicly calls out TSM's CEO, Reginald, as a 'terrible' person on Twitter.

Doublelift's response comes in the wake of Reginald's 'independent' probe, absolving the latter of any unlawful conduct.

Multiple accusations were levied against Reginald since November 2021, accusing him of alleged harrasment and abuse in the workplace.

According to Reginald's Twitlonger, TSM's board of directors created a special subcommittee and hired an independent investigator to look into the allegations.

As per the investigation, over 30 current and past employees and contractors, including all current League of Legends players were interviewed.

TSM Reginald (Image courtesy of TSM)

The investigator found no evidence of any unlawful behavior on the part of the company, its executives, or by Reginald.

However, few witnesses said that Reginald communicated with some employees in an 'aggressive and harsh tone'.

He called people names like "stupid", "trash" and "worthless" although it was purely based on "work" context, according to others.

As a result, Reginald will undergo mandatory executive coaching, leadership and culture building training, as well as set up an anonymous hotline allowing employees to air their complaints.

Regardless, former TSM player and North American LoL legend, Doublelift, was having none of it.

Besides calling Reginald a "terrible" person, Doublelift also criticised the latter's "self-initiated" and independent investigation.