Credit: Tina Jo/Riot Games

Done with the military: will Rush stream or return to pro play?

Pvman is back and could potentially return to Summoner’s Rift in some capacity.

One of the most popular League of Legends players in recent history is back: former streamer and professional jungler Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae has finished his obligatory military service in South Korea.

After over a year away from streaming and even longer from his last professional game, Rush could potentially return to streaming on Twitch, or even join a team as a player or staff as many have done before him. The man himself recently announced this on Twitter to many fans’ joy.

Rush mentions that he has finished his service and racked up $8000, more toxicity, and fat from being in the military. It sounds relatively similar to a career in LoL—except for the salary, which doesn’t seem like anything to write home about. 

Rush also mentioned that his English has become very rusty, and that he had to use Google Translate to make the tweets. Knowing Rush, he has never been shy of memeing and cracking jokes, both of which many fans have been missing. 

Is Rush returning to professional play or streaming?

To many’s disappointment, Rush didn’t mention whether he plans to return to pro play. In his tweets, he said that he lost a lot of LoL skills and has dropped to Gold 2.

Nothing indicates that he will make his much anticipated return at a level comparable to his pre-military self. Before joining the military, Rush was one of the most popular LoL streamers on Twitch and had significant, consistent viewership.

As for his pro career, Rush played his last game with Echo Fox back in June 2019. Before that, he played on KT Rolster, Cloud9, and streamed under the Counter Logic Gaming banner.

Since these recent tweets, Rush hasn’t made any noise on social media, but he surprisingly popped up on his stream on June 6.