Credit: RNG/Riot Games

Dominance: RNG GALA leads in kills for second MSI in a row

If your name is Chen “GALA” Wei, the Mid-Season Invitational is your playground.

The Chinese bot laner has been a dominant force for Royal Never Give Up at MSI 2022 as he leads all players in kills by a wide margin. This achievement feels familiar as he did the exact same during MSI 2021, where he and the rest of RNG walked away with the trophy.

So far, in this year’s MSI, GALA has racked up 93 kills during the 16 official games he has played. His 5.8 kills-per-game average extends beyond minor region teams: indeed, he has styled against the likes of T1 and G2 Esports.

At MSI 2021, GALA finished the tournament with a whopping 167 kills over 27 games. These numbers had GALA slay more than six opponents per game on average, only somewhat matched by DWG KIA’s Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun’s 138 kills in 26 games that tournament.  

GALA eats opponents for breakfast on Kai’Sa, Kalista

To get this many kills, GALA has not shied away from picking some of the best hyper carries in the meta to do his stomping.

GALA has shined the most on his signature Kai’Sa: his best game overall was against T1 during the Rumble stage, as he wiped the Korean squad with a 12/0/6 scoreline.

GALA has also shown his skill on the likes of Kalista, Xayah, and Ezreal, with great success. To cap a very bloody MSI, GALA even played a game on Tahm Kench but scored only one kill in that game. It’s fair to assume that his Kench is benched for the rest of the tournament.

RNG finished the MSI Rumble Stage in first place and will now enter the playoffs. The Chinese squad will face Evil Geniuses in the semis and look to send them back Near the Airport to North America.

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