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Doinb fined once again for leaking LPL information

LNG Esports’s mid laner, Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang, shared on stream on June 8, 2022 that the LPL has fined him many times for leaking information. This time around, he leaked the 2022 LPL summer split’s starting date and was fined 50k RMB (7480 USD). 

Super Carry Leaker Doinb also shared that he paid a 60k RMB (8977 USD) fine on May due to leaking some roster moves within the league, notably Bin’s transfer from MSI champions Royal Never Give Up to BiliBili Gaming. 

Fining is fair, but it might be inefficient in this case as the fines are nothing for the mid laner, considering his salary and potential streaming revenues.  

If anything, it’s a trend: Doinb stated that, since 2019, he has been fined hundreds of thousands of RMB in total. Doinb’s desire to be the best leaker is esports is costly, but there is no stopping it. Jankos should take some notes if he wants to beat the competition. 

LPL’s rules are strict and fines are always flying around. Reasons range from inting in ranked games or making offensive statements, to far more serious allegations like match-fixing. 

As Doinb’s insider information leaks keep raining from his streams, the LPL might think of implementing a no-leak clause in his contract. Maybe. 

The 2022 LPL Summer split will kick off on June 10, 2022 with Weibo Gaming taking on Invictus gaming as the opening match.

Here are some of the most famous leaks from the Super Carry Super Leaker: 


– Maple will join the LCS -> Maple joins TSM 
– Bin will be swapping teams in the LPL –> Bin joins BLG 
– Scrim results against T1 before MSI 2022 
– Clid joining FunPlus Phoenix 
– LPL 2022 schedule 

So far, 100% success rate. Maybe a career role swap as a journalist in coming. Should we prepare a contract or something? 

Source: Doinb’s stream