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Does GTA 6 actually take place in Vice City? Here’s what we know

Rockstar Games finally gave fans a proper, official look at GTA 6 and one of the big questions that came up from its reveal trailer is whether fans are heading back to Vice City.

The Grand Theft Auto series is known for its driving and gunplay, but it’s also pure comedy in many ways. Each game focuses on a city or area, and brutally satirizes it. This was shown in the GTA 6 reveal trailer, with the Florida-based setting showing everything from nightlife excess to rolling around in mud. The sticking point is that Florida has already been done in Grand Theft Auto before.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was named for its primary location, which was based on Miami. There are hints that GTA 6 will see players return to Vice City, but is that the case? Here’s everything we know.

Is Vice City going to be in GTA 6?

Vice City is seemingly set to be a part of GTA 6, but it’s likely to be just one of several locations in the game.

An enormous “VICE” sign is shown during the trailer, strongly hinting that fans will get to see the city from the PlayStation 2 classic in GTA 6. However, the scope of GTA 6 is significantly larger than what was possible in games from 20 years ago. There are multiple locales shown in GTA 6 that weren’t a part of Vice City, suggesting that the game won’t exclusively take part there.

A leak from a family member of a Rockstar Games developer suggested that there would be multiple cities and sub-areas across the GTA 6 map. This means that players could hypothetically enjoy the nightlife of Vice City, then take some backroads to wind up in the game’s equivalent of the swampy Florida Everglades.

As part of this, a large body of water will be central to the map and will serve to connect different parts. A full view of the map has not yet been shown.

It’s worth remembering that Vice City was technically an island. Though this was meant to give a clear endpoint to the game world, a number of the landscape shots shown in the GTA 6 trailer show large bodies of water and long bridges, which could hint at these different areas being separate from one another.

Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed a definite location for the game. More information is likely to come as the release date for GTA 6 approaches.

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