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Pay-to-win pays off

Diablo Immortal up to nearly $50 million in microtransactions

  • Diablo Immortal, which has been released in almost the entire world as of  July 8, is turning out to be success despite the bad reviews.
  • The game has earned $49 million in its first month and amassed 10 million downloads.

Heavy criticism from the community regarding microtransactions hasn’t dissuaded Diablo Immortal from bringing in the big bucks.

According to a report by, the free-to-play MMORPG has earned nearly $50 million in its first month. The report cites data from Appmagic.

The report says the game has accumulated $49 million and 10 million downloads in just a month. These numbers only include the Android and iOS versions of the game and don’t consider PC stats.

Gameplay from Diablo Immortal
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Appmagic’s figures show the overall earnings by the developer. Hence, the actual revenue that Diablo Immortal generated is significantly higher as Google and Apple take a 30% fee off of every transaction.

The $49 million figure has made the free-to-play title the biggest launch for a Diablo title to date, per Additionally, the number eclipses what another recently-launched major mobile game made in its first month.

Apex Legends Mobile brought in just $11.6 million, far less than Diablo Immortal. The battle royale title’s downloads are far more at 21.8 million.

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Fans haven’t been happy with microtransactions in Diablo Immortal

To put it simply, Diablo Immortal is a pay-to-win game. Unsurprisingly, fans aren’t happy.

While it certainly can be enjoyed as a free-to-play gamer, you need to shell in some money to face other players who have paid for different items.

If Activision Blizzard hadn’t already faced enough criticism for Diablo Immortal, a YouTube video that estimated the cost to max out a character’s power just added to their woes. The figure was a staggering $110,000.

On top of this, Diablo Immortal has already broken a record.

The game’s PC version has become the lowest-rated title in Metacritic history at a dismal 0.3 rating at the time of writing. The mobile version doesn’t fare much better at 0.4.

Nonetheless, bad reviews and criticism around microtransactions haven’t stopped Diablo Immortal from being a success, at least on the balance sheet.

With nearly $50 million already, everyone at the Blizzard HQ might be patting their backs, but much work is required to keep players happy.