Dia de FURIA – Brazil reigns supreme in day 2 of the RMR

FURIA took down Complexity in the biggest match of the day to sweep their way into the Major.

They will be joined by MIBR, who won their showdown with Imperial and took down the legendary roster in three.

While this was a day of Brazilian supremacy at the top of the card, all is not doomed for NA - who will at least have one team at the Major.

Heating up

A bygone era.

FURIA were cool and calm as they beat Complexity quite comfortably in two maps. saffee finally showed why FURIA were keen to get him with an exceptional Vertigo performance, and he decided to do it against the guy who he replaced. FeelsBadMan for junior. 

MIBR were pushed a little further by Imperial, but took Nuke and Vertigo to push their former representatives down to the 2-1 bracket.

Imperial will take on Party Astronauts tomorrow, after ben1337 put Case to the sword in a clean 16-6 win. An NA win, god bless. They'll need another one tomorrow; as Complexity take on Sao Caetano for a spot at the Major - the Brazilians cannabilised their own with SHOOWTiME living up to the name. A nasty 30 bomb saw the demise of Isurus.


One thing you might notice immediately is that Liquid take on EG tomorrow - meaning at least one of them will be at the Major. That sound you hear is a million NA sighs at once, knowing they can avoid - at least for a bit - the memes from EU.

Liquid absolutely annihilated paiN 16-1, with three players averaging over 100 damage per round. shox still went negative.

No comment.

EG got the better of 00NATION, with one former great player - Brehze - finding some old form, while another - coldzera - completely faltered. Under 30 ADR for the former best player in the world. Pretty ugly.

00 face off against 9z, who survived after dumping out Bad News Bears pretty cleanly; inducing some serious substance (copium) abuse from certain members of the NA fanbase.

The other team to exit Bucharest was Leviatan, who lost in overtime to TeamOne to book their early flight home.