Dear Riot, add Spike skins and take my money

Is there a bigger waste of money than skins in Valorant?

I mean, really. Does Riot need to charge $40 for a knife? How much of that did the designer get and how much is going into your pocket? There's no shot that another recycled skin bundle should cost this much.

Innovation, though? That, I'll pay for. 

This is what we have, here: innovation. Instead of giving us different knife styles and the same-old skin bundles, how about something new? How about a skin for the Spike?!?


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The high-effort fan concept comes from Thyros.exe. on YouTube, where he walks us through the design process of an Ion Spike.

Is there a bigger no-brainer than this? I would love to spend more money on Spike skins with unique defuse/explosion animations. Charge $50 for the, I don't care. I'd need to have at least one or two of these.

I'm not a developer, to be fair, and fiddling with one of the most important elements of the game could have some consequences. Or not. It could be easy. Again, not a developer.

Valorant is cartoony enough to do something like this, too. Hopefully, they push off the Phoenix buff, delay the new agent, and add Spike skins ASAP.