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Back from the dead?

Dead Island 2 “rerelease” is making waves on the internet

  • A late light Amazon posting hinted towards a possible release date for zombie survival title Dead Island 2 which proceeded to break the internet.
  • Preorders were up for a limited time with a release date of February 3, 2023.

Dead Island 2 has been a modern enigma since its E3 debut back in 2014. Gamers got a hefty amount of information as to what they should expect, and then, it vanished.

While the first game wasn’t a masterpiece, Dead Island walked so Dying Light could fly.

No this isn’t Goat Simulator 3. It’s been 8 years since the game was announced, and seeing how it still hasn’t been released, other developers have taken jabs at the game.

However, this year has brought some good rumors about a return from the dead. Numerous reports have stated that the game may see a “re-reveal”.

While it might not be the exact lifeline fans of the zombie slayer title were hoping for, Wednesday night gave fans all the hope they needed.

Dead Island 2 rumored to release in 2023

A late-night Amazon posting broke the internet. Caught by Twitter user Wario64, Dead Island 2 is rumored to release on February 3, 2023.

Alongside the massive Amazon leak, new details have surfaced on what we could see some release.

The game will take place in Los Angeles and will see players take control of one of six survivors. Each survivor boasts their own unique skills and dialogue as they fight to survive the massive outbreak.

The official description goes on to stress the approach the developers are taking this time. Zombies will behave and act “realistically” and a brand-new skill tree will allow players to experiment to their heart’s content.

Obviously, this is speculation as the Amazon page has been taken down. However, the description is enough to get me hyped.

Dambuster Studios

Dead Island has spent almost the last ten years in development hell. The game had to watch Dying Light explode and reinvent the zombie scene.

Hopefully, the time spent in the oven has given Dead Island all the time it’s needed to reinvent the wheel.