Robin Hood on crack

CSMoney Hacked: Millions stolen from trading site

Millions of dollars worth of CSGO skins have been hacked from CSMoney. An apparent exploit gave hackers access to the trading website’s trading accounts. This meant they were free to send all the skins in the inventory wherever they wanted.

In true Robin Hood-style, they started sending trading offers to collectors. zipeL, HeyZeus, and Arrow, among others, all received multiple trade offers worth tens of thousands of dollars each.

But CSMoney wasn’t hacked for a charitable cause. As the hackers sent the ‘relatively’ small trade offers, the hackers kept millions of dollars worth of expensive skins.

The hackers used over 30 Steam accounts to divert the skins away from the website. Most have been identified, but the full extent is not yet clear.

It isn’t the first high-level skins hack in recent history. In June, famous collector HFB lost $3M worth of skins after his account got compromised.

Back then, Valve stepped in and reverted most of the trades to the rightful owner.

Getting the hacked skins from CSMoney back with Valve’s help won’t be as easy. The skins sent to famous collectors will be returned, as pointed out by zipeL. But whether Valve will be as willing to help out a big company getting their money back is yet not clear.

Update: CSMoney has temporarily taken their site down to assess the situation