Silent but deadly

CSGO Zeus skins – will Valve add them?

A persistent question – Will Valve add CSGO Zeus skins?

The Zeus is used to humiliate, troll, and cause mayhem. Yet it remains skinless.

Despite watching all other weapons surpass it, the Zeus remains iconic.

Are there Zeus skins in CSGO?

Well, no. There are currently no Zeus skins available for purchase in CSGO.

But, the community is pushing Zeus concepts regularly.

And, as many know, Valve isn’t the creative geniuses behind skins.

The community makes them. Valve are just the ones who pick which ones they do and don’t want inside of their game.

This is good because it makes us more likely to receive Zeus skins. After all, they don’t have to do anything!

When can we expect Zeus skins in CSGO?

It’s hard to say.

To be honest, we may even find the next new thing isn’t related to the Zeus at all.

Like receiving key chains to put on our guns or something else we don’t want but will still surely pay for.

But, with the new operation on the way, we can expect or hope for Zeus skins at least.

The community keeps pumping new concepts out all of the time.

So, with enough pressure, Valve will have no choice but to give us what we want.

Therefore, we can only hope for the best and keep hassling Valve.