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Being a beginner at CSGO has daunted us all at some point in our lives.

Unfortunately for you, CSGO isn’t an exceptionally forgiving game, so it’s crucial to have some “need to knows” before you head into a world of pain.

But, with knowledge comes power. Therefore we hope you learn a thing or two from this article.

Good luck, soldier; see you on the battlefield.

Is CSGO easy for beginners?


Well, if you have played any other games in the Counter-Strike family, then yes, it’ll be much easier for you to grasp the game. If not, unfortunately, it will be quite hard to adapt.

Do not fear, though. With practice, consistency, and patience, you will be fine.

Despite the game’s stigma surrounding how “impossible” it is to get good, that is far from the truth.

All you need to do is embrace that you are a beginner and not let losing get the better of you.

Being a beginner is one of life’s beautiful aspects we all despise due to impatience.

Nobody good at CSGO logged on for the first time and started tapping heads as if they were s1mple.

Think about it, nearly everyone who plays CSGO has more than 1000 hours, and they are still terrible!

How do I start playing CSGO?

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Start playing CSGO by joining the casual matchmaking playlist instead of competitive.

This will allow you to get a grip on how CSGO plays mechanically and understand the fundamentals of the game.

We would recommend playing the deathmatch playlist first before anything else.

This is because you will need to know how to kill your enemy before anything else. Otherwise, you are rendered useless as a player.

After spending some time on deathmatch, it might be a good idea to venture into different playlists and then eventually competitive when you feel confident enough.

CSGO beginners practice


The best type of practice will be found in downloadable workshop maps.

As mentioned in many articles, “YPRAC” is a popular downloadable practice series to help you become a better player, which is available on CSGO’s Steam workshop for free.

These maps are single-player environments made to help you improve as a player.

These maps will help you control your recoil, movement, map knowledge, and confidence level as a player.

These fundamentals will allow you to gain power and knowledge as a CSGO player.

If you really want to get better, stay updated with tips and tricks from CSGO beginner-friendly YouTubers such as Nadeking.

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