Credit: Image: Categg/Valve

The most expensive collection of CSGO skins might be lost, as famous collector Categg faces a potential game ban. This would mean that his entire collection of CSGO skins, worth around $5 Million, would be locked and frozen forever.

It is not yet clear if Categg is banned or not. According to his Steam profile, he has received a game ban. But whether this ban is for CSGO or not is not yet clear.

He could be banned for cheating in a different game, but it would be surprising, to say the least, if Categg used his account containing Millions of Dollars worth of skins to cheat in games.

The news comes in a period where several ban waves have happened over the past few months. Valve is rumored to be cracking down on a popular cheat, with tens of thousands of accounts receiving bans.

If he’s banned for any game other than CSGO, his collections should still be available to him.

Categg isn’t the first CSGO collector facing the potential loss of their entire collection. In June, popular community figure HFB saw his entire $3 Million collection stolen after his account got compromised.

In that case, Valve stepped in and reversed most of the skins back to their original owner.

According to a recent skin showcase, Categg’s collection of CSGO skins included, amongst others: 49 Knives, with 17 Gems, 31 pairs of gloves, 28 full Katowice 2014 skins, 5 Dragon Lores, and 4 Howls.