One of the finest voices of esports for the last nine years has announced his retirement from casting over on Twitter.

A man whose legendary duo with James Bardolph was a fan favourite for many years, Daniel ‘ddk’ Kapadia has casted some of the most iconic games in both esports.

ddk made the switch to VALORANT and has been a mainstay in that esport for a while; so it will be a shock to many to see him depart the scene. He also took part in the most recent CSGO Major. 

However, since his exclusion from VCT he has decided, in his own words, to hang up the mic – but ensures us he harbours no ill will towards Riot.

ddk will be remembered fondly in both games, and many have shared on Twitter the ways in which ddk has helped them.

What is next for Daniel is unknown, but we’re excited to find out.

Elliott Griffiths covers a variety of esports from his home base in the United Kingdom. His greatest emphasis is on competitive Counter-Strike, but he has also covered all aspects of League of Legends esports across the game's various international regions.