CSGO adds new Recoil case featuring USP-S | Printstream

CSGO has released the Recoil case, the 38th weapons case for the game. The case features 17 new weapon skins the Broken Fang gloves. The star of the case is the USP-S | Printstream.

The release of the case came somewhat unexpected, as most were expecting the developers to be creating a big update for CSGO’s 10-year anniversary in August.

But the Recoil Case brings some interesting new CSGO skins into the game, most notably the USP-S variant of the Printstream. It is the third version of the skin to be included in the game, joining the Desert Eagle and the M4A1-S.

But the Printstream is far from the only skin that will become high in demand, as the covert AWP | Chromatic Aberration and the classified AK-47 | Ice Coaled seem to tick all the boxes on what a popular skin requires.

Image: JTPNZ

lower on the list, and thus more affordable, sits the Dual Barettas | Flora Carnivora, with mutated flesh-eating plant draped on both pistols.

The rare special item of the case are the Broken Fang gloves, now featured in a third case. While the price for these gloves will remain sky-high for a while, you can find more affordable options here.

Unlike most recent CSGO cases, the Recoil case does not seem to have a central theme. But all the skins are based on graffiti art.