Credit: Riot Games

Crisp set to return to FunPlus Phoenix’s LPL squad against OMG

FunPlus Phoenix’s support, Liu “Crisp” Qing-Song, is returning to the starting LPL lineup on July 21. The team is starting the player in their matchup against Oh My God, replacing LDL bot laner Wei “Shenyi” Zi-Jie.

Crisp suffered from sudden cervical spine pain, a matter that escalated to his hospitalization on July 9, and to his first benching since joining FunPlus Phoenix. However, the team thrived in his absence, showcasing the depth of its roster. Despite playing on an off-role, Shenyi showed great form in his first three LPL appearances and made a case for a potential role swap in the future.

As he was unable to play, FPX started Shenyi in his stead, winning their series against LGD Gaming, Rare Atom, and TOP Esports. In doing so, the team moved to second place with a 8-3 record, sitting behind EDward Gaming (10-2).

Crisp’s return relegates Shenyi to a substitute role in the LPL. However, with Shenyi proving his mettle on an alternate role against Rare Atom and TOP Esports, his stock has increased ahead of the 2022 offseason. In addition, if Crisp is sidelined again, FPX can return him to the starting lineup.

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