Credit: Jaxon at Gamescom 2022

Gotta drive 'em all

Crazy MINI Pokémon concept car is live at Gamescom

MINI and Pokémon are live at Gamescom 2022 to show visitors how they can take their gaming-on-the-go to the next level. They are introducing the MINI Aceman Pokémon car.

If you are visiting Gamescom 2022, you should head to Halle 5.2 and see what the new concept car Mini Aceman looks like wrapped in a “life-sized Pokémon action figure packaging,” as the brands describe the… nerdy gimmick.

Useless or useful features?

The interior has been “taken over by Pikachu,” who welcomes the driver on an OLED display – with “cool effects” on the dashboard, something we’ve all been fancying when we drive 150 on the highway.

The rest of the features in the new concept cars counts:

  • Built-in mobile cinema with integrated exterior projector
    If you decide to host a movie night with your friends outside? Or project your games onto a wall.
  • Rooftop rack
    May be useful if you’re doing an emergency stop and need to get in contact with people?
  • The dashboard is a portable media console – a “boombox”
    Might be the most valuable feature of the concept car. Wouldn’t it be cool to carry a loudspeaker with a screen to the beach?

Not at Gamescom 2022?

If you cannot come to Gamescom 2022 in Cologne to experience some of the hottest games and new game technology in the business – including the Mini Aceman Pokemon car – you can experience it online.

On their website, MINI has announced a MINIVERSE which is an “interactive 3D world where you don’t just drive the MINI Concept Aceman, you are the MINI Concept Aceman”.

Visit the MINIverse here.