Credit: OpTic Gaming

Ultra quick ace

Crashies hits the greatest ace in VALORANT history

OpTic Gaming’s crashies has just hit the best VALORANT ace of all time… well, not really, but it was incredibly funny to watch unfold. 

In their opening BO3 against Boom Esports, the NA favorites were pushed to the third map of Fracture by their plucky APAC opponents. Breeze was a hard-fought overtime loss, while Bind was an easy win for them, although they are probably the best team in the world on the map.

Fracture was also looking to be the same degree of a rout, but what happened in round 11 really sealed the deal for OpTic. 

Boom looked to rotate from one side of the map to the other, using its innovative wires that run below the map. Unfortunately for them, crashies was already lurking in the spawn area, and happened to spot them on the ropes at the perfect moment.

Absolutely crushing for Boom. What a way to have the wind taken out of your sail. Even OpTic themselves couldn’t believe what had happened, just look at crashie’s face.

OpTic then took the next round for a 9-3 half, they rounded out the map easily for a 12-3 scoreline. They will face LOUD tomorrow in the Group A winners match.

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