Pre-edits have been the bane of Fortnite players’ existences for years – especially as editing became the greater focus of the skill gap.

We spent most of the game’s life dealing with the pre-edit problem before Epic finally added a “disable pre-edit” setting early this year.

Most players turned the setting on and put pre-edits in the rearview. Some innovative players continued to work with pre-editing, however, and came up with strats like the one u/SirDuckDee posted to Reddit.

This isn’t the only way that players have used pre-edits to outplay opponents.

Just as the setting to disable pre-edits was added, Fortnite pro, Maken, found a way to drop an opponent into his box using pre-edits and a Shockwave grenade.

Most Fortnite players disable pre-edits. It might even be the default setting at this point.

This might not be the wisest move, though. In an ever-evolving game like Fortnite, we could see the next meta hiding in this unappreciated setting.

Could we be looking back at this old, antiquated view of pre-edits in two years after some innovative pro has found a use for pre-edits? It’s possible.

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