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Copenhagen Flames are performing way above their pay grade

Copenhagen Flames have been turning heads during the PGL Major in Stockholm, with their stunning performances on the server.

Getting a swift 3-0 in the Challengers Stage and even beating their fellow countrymen, Heroic and Astralis, Copenhagen Flames have exceeded all expectations and are now 2-1 in the Legends Stage.

Interesting opportunities

Not only is the first LAN event for most players on the lineup but these young Flames players are playing way above their pay grade.

In 2020 Danish newspaper, Berlingske Tidende, reported that Astralis players on average made $31.000 per month before taxes whereas the Copenhagen Flames players made $2300 per month before taxes. These numbers are without added bonuses from tournament wins, stickers, partnerships etc.

Multiple sources have recently disclosed to Jaxon directly, that the monthly gross salary of the Copenhagen Flames players is upwards of $4600 per month before taxes and added bonuses.

Raw talent and dedication can take you far and this is exactly what Copenhagen Flames have shown in PGL Major already.

Image: PGL

It seems that Copenhagen Flames is not a sustainable place to build your career long term, but it is for sure a place to grow and get your name out there. This seems to be exactly what these guys have done.

“We are a small club, with a small budget compared to the teams we are competing against. I wish we had the budget to always keep our best players”
Daniel Vorborg, co owner Copenhagen Flames
It has previously been reported by Dexerto that the Flames players are for sale. So who knows? It’s not unlikely that the post-Major shuffle might have some interesting opportunities waiting for them. They are after all already playing on a much higher level than what is expected.

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