Complexity finish off NiP on Ancient to book their spot in the upper bracket, and prodding NiP down into the lower bracket.

It was clean, too – a 16-9 on Ancient followed a 16-10 victory on Complexity’s own map pick, Mirage – leaving everyone a little bit excited about the ceiling of the international roster.

device $1m KEKW

All eyes were on device, but it was the double Danes on Complexity who stole the show – k0nfig put up 53 frags and over 100 ADR and blameF was next in line with a 44-26 score line – with device going negative with just 52.5 ADR.

NiP will now need to battle back from the lower bracket – which is going to be pretty tough if they keep playing like this. 

They’re going to need some magic from the million dollar man…

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