Roster moves were expected from Complexity following a horrible month, which included a couple of 0-16s and missing out on the Major, but few were ready for poizon to leave the team this evening.

The Bulgarian AWPer leaves the team after almost two years and plenty of great memories, but without too much in the way of trophies. A skilled if somewhat mercurial player, poizon has had his ups and downs and at times looked like a truly great sniper.

But that was always fleeting for Complexity, and now they look to add a genuinely consistent and great AWP player.

Who replaces him?

There are a few names which will be banded around that make no sense (kennyS, for example) but there are a few which could be an interesting fit.

The Astralis players will be out of contract once k0nfig officially leaves, and though none of them are real AWPers, coldzera or es3tag can fulfill that role if needed or Complexity can attempt the no real AWPer thing. Probably not a great idea, though.

BnTeT and jkaem are other options for that, too – especially the former.

Should mouz for whatever reason not want to promote torszi, he’s a hot prospect who looks destined to be one of the best AWPers in the world at the moment. That one seems unlikely purely because mouz need him just as much in their first team, but worth mentioning. 

FPX’s poor performance means there might be a chance to nab farlig, and similarly, Extra Salt missing the Major means that oSee might seek pastures new; he’s a player who has consistently destroyed the lower tiers and might be a reasonable gamble. junior, similarly, fits that bill, but there might be a reputation problem there after an unfortunate stint on FURIA.

There are other great options who might not fit due to language issues – for example, saffee is basically begging to be taken up a tier, but I am unsure of his English ability. Whatever Complexity decide on, there are many issues they need to work on to get to where they want to be.

A potential option, should you want another rifler. Via GettyImages.