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What a waste!

CoD: Warzone 2.0 initial release in shambles after server issues

The Warzone 2.0 release set the community wild due to connection and server issues. Unfortunately, most of the community could not enter the game, join their friends, connect to a match, and other issues—enough to cause chaos on Nov. 16.

Most CoD players expected some issues on launch day. Indeed, server issues will occur after millions worldwide attempt to access a title. However, the servers were unresponsive for a large majority of players for hours upon hours, making the situation somewhat unacceptable.

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Issues and more issues derail Warzone 2.0’s launch

The lucky few were able to play Lagzone 2.0, and those who weren’t so lucky were still waiting in the menus “trying to connect,” likely resisting the urge to punch their monitors. Little did they know, more problems were waiting.

Another challenger approaches: upon reaching the in-game menus and joining a friend’s lobby, players were unable to join their friends. After brainstorming and research, it became apparent that joining friends through the black magic of “player channels” works.

“Warzone launch Survivor” is the unofficial title (or at least, from Jaxon) that players earn if they get this far, but matchmaking was the next roadblock ahead of them. After players spent fifteen minutes queuing for a match, many experienced an unplayable ping (>100ms).

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The future of Warzone 2.0

The game is incredible, provided we ignore the highly disappointing launch. The Warzone 2.0 gameplay is exactly as predicted: smooth, exciting, funny, and nostalgic. Only server issues have damaged the game’s reputation at this point.

Warzone 2020 was also a very anticipated title, but many CoD fans were hesitant to try the new title and preferred to reside in the depths of multiplayer. Therefore, Warzone 2020 players have not experienced these issues until now.

Meanwhile, experienced Warzone players will need to adapt to the new style of Warzone 2.0, and to its success. That includes potentially frequent connection problems on launch, as everyone is trying to grind and play at similar times.

Although complaining is a viable and somewhat pleasurable activity, it doesn’t take away from how fantastic the game is. Most players couldn’t experience that yesterday, but the issues will soon be fixed, and we can begin to enjoy Warzone 2.0.

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